Change Management : Leading Organizational Change

Leading Organizational Change

The journey of change challenges leaders to effectively communicate and support team members to embrace change. This requires that leaders play a significant role in establishing organizational beliefs that support change and develop personal characteristics that focus on successful change management. Participants will be offered a five-step tool to identify the leadership behaviors that will support small-scale or large-scale organizational change. Change requires such behaviors as asking for feedback, generating enthusiasm, acknowledging mistakes, avoiding blame and focusing on the future. By fine-tuning leadership skills and leading your team effectively through change, your team can become a successful, dynamic organization.


    1. Identify organizational beliefs that are essential to support your desired change outcome.
    2. Self-assess, using a diagnostic questionnaire, individual commitment to the five dimensions of effective change.
    3. Learn a five-step plan for coping with the emotional and intellectual challenges of organizational change.
    4. Design a change management plan that addresses current barriers to your desired change or outcome.
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