Communication Skills: Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication

The focus of this workshop is to teach participants assertive, effective communication even in situations involving difficult people. One of the keys to effective communication is self-assessment. This process reveals our button pushers, conflict management style and roots of anger and holds the key to creating win-win communication. Additionally, this training will help co-workers or managers make informed decisions on whether to counsel, coach or give feedback in a wide range of critical situations.


    1. Learn win-win communication by utilizing a two-step process.
    2. Assess your conflict management style and its impact on assertive communication.
    3. Identify the “ten most unwanted” communicators and develop effective coping strategies.
    4. Practice reflective listening and conduct a coaching session to improve communication skills.
    5. Understand the criteria for when to counsel, coach or give feedback to co-workers/employees in crisis.
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