Leadership: Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity: Working With Inter-Generational Staff

Celebrating diversity means more than understanding cultural background. America’s primary work force for the next decade is made up of mostly people that are in their twenties. Some of us see this new generation as challenging and we see other workforce groups, such as the baby boomers or the silent generation as difficult to communicate with or supervise. This training helps all age groups understand and develop strategies to work successfully with each other. The addition of an animated film entitled “Pigeon-Holed in the Land of Penguins” concludes this training by helping participants look at how stereotyping can have a huge cost to the team and destroy teamwork. Truly celebrating unique talents, personalities and backgrounds offers the solutions to bringing team members back to teamwork.


    1. Identify the qualities of each workforce age group: X-generation, baby boomers, Y-generation and the silent generations.
    2. Assess your own biases and stereotypes of those you work with.
    3. Discuss how to support an inter-generational “team”.
    4. Practice communicating in a style sensitive manner to honor diversity
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