Change Management : COPE

Creating Your Own Positive Work Environment

C.O.P.E. is a training that challenges participants to look at their emotional reaction and behaviors toward a desired change. Participants will look at the change curve and pinpoint where they are and what steps as a team member they need to take to “own” the new change. Once the change is embraced, the planning process can begin by asking how the new change can positively impact the delivery of services. This training will emphasize and offer a step-by-step approach to creating a supportive learning environment. Once a supportive learning environment is established, trust is increased and the conditions are prime for all team members to try on new behaviors.

Participants will:

    1. Pinpoint their current stage in the change process.
    2. Identify productive and non-productive change behaviors.
    3. Discover their level of trust behavior and identify the factors that affect the decision to trust.
    4. Brainstorm specific positive changes that the new change can have on day-to-day activities.
    5. Set up a specific step-by-step personal “C.O.P.E.” action plan to help move toward change mastery.
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