Leadership: Creating Personal Balance

Creating Personal Balance

The price we pay for personal imbalance is much greater than “stress”; it affects the very quality of our life at work, our relationship to our self and those we love and our physical health. This training offers an opportunity to stop and take a snapshot of “my life” and evaluate if our pictures have all the critical elements that ensure success and balance. Before our passion and joy in life are running on empty, it’s time to rejuvenate, recommit and change what we’re doing if it isn’t working. By recreating personal balance we enhance all the “teams” in our life and are able to see goals clearly, work with enthusiasm and focus and enhance healthy communication. Let’s take the journey together toward “balance mastery” and enjoy the process of life again.


    1. Self-assess four critical elements of personal balance and clarify personal values that help you live “on purpose”.
    2. Identify ten signs of imbalance and incorporate ten strategies to regain balance.
    3. Design a personal “balance action plan”.
    4. Determine roadblocks to a successful “balance action plan” and develop countermeasures.
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