Leadership: Developing Critical Thinking

Beyond Your Comfort Zone:
Developing Critical Thinking

“You won’t overcome the challenges in today’s health care system by doing things the same way you’ve always done them! You’ve got to go outside the lines…come up with new answers; and with a team effort.”

Today’s health care professionals are being asked to update their communication skills, develop personal flexibility and provide quality health care as a team. This training begins by asking participants to assess their personal learning styles, personality traits and individual beliefs and challenges to becoming a “critical thinker”. Practical strategies and tools are offered to participants that provide an opportunity to stretch their thinking comfort zone. This highly interactive and activity based training is not a mere workshop but more of a “thinking retreat”.


    1. Assess your personal learning style, personality style and critical thinking traits/barriers.
    2. Define clearly what critical thinking is and why it’s essential for health care providers.
    3. Offer five strategies that enhance critical thinking.
    4. Describe and critique the linear nursing process (old school) vs. a dynamic nursing process used by critical thinkers.
    5. Discuss and practice team strategies for dealing with mistakes constructively.
    6. Practice a medication error prevention technique.
    7. Apply the “eight critical thinking steps” method to clinical case histories.
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