Team Building: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Expressions like “leave your emotions out of it” and “check your personal problems at the door” are all too common in today’s workplace. We have been conditioned to believe that most emotions are not welcome in the workplace and that “good” decisions are based on logic and reasoning. This just isn’t true in our highly diverse customer service oriented industries of today. In fact, there is a growing body of science and research that suggests that emotional intelligence (E.I.) is a critical individual and team competency required to produce successful teams.

This program will focus on how to understand and use emotions to build more effective team relationships and enhance honest communication. A step-by-step approach to developing emotional competencies will be offered to strengthen your team. The five key emotional competence areas are: developing self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy and social skills. The E.I. approach to teamwork will prove that proper understanding and use of emotions in the workplace can enable us to do our jobs better and experience greater success in working with and managing people.


    1. Learn to read and express your feelings as well as honoring others’ perceptions of you and your emotions.
    2. Accept responsibility for your emotions and identify emotional “triggers”.
    3. Employ visualization and goal setting to engage your most positive emotions.
    4. Tune into emotional cues of others and communicate empathy.
    5. Use brainstorming, coaching and visioning as a means to build rapport and team synergy.
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