Leadership: First Things First...

First Things First:
Working Smarter Not Harder

“How many people on their death bed wish they’d spent more time at the office?”
     Steven Covey

Creating effective habits to manage work flow while still maintaining balance in your life is the focus of this workshop. Time management skills, identifying time wasters, running efficient meetings and effective delegation are key areas this training will focus on to help you regain control of your personal/work life. By incorporating Steven Covey and the Franklin Time Management System, participants will learn how to keep the main things the main things.


    1. Self-assess your current urgency addiction and time management skills.
    2. Identify the four-quadrant method of prioritization and how to move towards proactive activities vs. crisis management.
    3. Practice using goal setting, prioritizing and action steps as they apply to time management.
    4. Write an effective meeting agenda and discuss “meeting robbers”.
    5. Identify office time wasters and establish effective counter measures.
    6. Create a personal time management system.
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