Communication Skills: Getting to Yes!

The Art of Direct Communication

“Getting to yes is not about winning and losing. It’s about achieving a principle centered communication process that honors our differences, while finding common ground. This is truly the essence of outstanding team communication and strengthening teamwork”.

Getting to yes offers a concise, step-by-step process for work teams to reach a win-win solution no matter what the conflict. Based on the research from the Harvard Negotiation Project, this training offers proven strategies to help supervisors and employees, co-workers, parents and children, or any two parties that can’t seem to agree, find a mutually acceptable solution.

This training teaches how to:

    • separate the people from the problem
    • focus on interests, not positions
    • establish precise goals at the beginning of any dialogue/negotiation
    • work together to create options that produce win-win solutions
    • negotiate with others who are more powerful, don’t play by the rules or resort to “dirty tricks”.


    1. Identify the role direct communication has in building resilient teams.
    2. Practice the “getting to yes” four-step method of negotiation.
    3. Discuss several strategies that encourage win-win outcomes.
    4. Self-assess conflict and anger styles of those on your team and develop coping strategies.
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