Customer Service: Give 'Em the Pickle...

“Give ‘Em the Pickle…
and They’ll Be Back”

“Customer service.” Everyone is familiar with the term but there is more to customer service than talking about it. Most successful businesses have learned customer service is their business. Deciding to reinforce your team’s commitment to excellent customer service is the subject of this training. This session reinforces the idea that customer service is more than just getting the job done; it is an opportunity to connect with people, to brighten a day or to possibly make a real difference in your customer’s life.

The metaphor “give ‘em the pickle” is based on Bob Farrell’s book by the same title. Mr. Farrell’s philosophy is: “The secret to successful customer service--do those special or extra things, “pickles”, to make your customer happy. You are in business to take care of the customer.” This program is based on four principles that ensure service excellence: service, attitude, consistency and teamwork. Through humor, skills practice, video viewing and hearing dynamic anecdotal stories your team will be inspired to raise the level of service offered to your customers.


    1. Learn the secret to great customer service.
    2. Learn that the quality of your work is directly related to your thoughts about your customer (attitude).
    3. Analyze your current customer satisfaction and design a correction plan to increase customer service.
    4. Understand the role teamwork plays in customer service.
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