Team Building: Gung Ho Teamwork

Gung Ho Teamwork

It’s impossible to do it alone. Teamwork is the critical element that is at the very core of successful organizations and agencies. This training offers an invaluable tool that outlines foolproof ways to increase productivity and foster excellent morale in the workplace. The training builds on three principles presented in the Ken Blanchard/Sheldon Bowles best seller: “Gung Ho!”. The three principles are: the spirit of the squirrel, the way of the beaver and the gift of the goose. These three cornerstones present one of the first Native American approaches to teamwork and offer a surprisingly simple yet amazingly powerful approach to team building.


    1. Define the Gung Ho game plan to creating successful teamwork.
    2. Identify specific action steps toward achieving high morale and increased productivity.
    3. Offer an opportunity to assess current teamwork and establish group vision and goals.
    4. Focus on and reinforce specific communication techniques that support the Gung Ho teamwork plan.
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