Leadership: The Issue is Respect

The Issue is Respect: You Can Stop Sexual Harassment

All forms of harassment in the workplace are issues of lack of respect. Whether subtle or overt, employees and managers need to understand that eliminating harassment in the workplace requires everyone’s effort.

Participants learn that awareness of what is harassment, perception of what is unwelcome behavior and prevention means understanding that any disrespectful behavior or any kind of sexually suggestive behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in today’s work environment. Employees and supervisors alike will review a series of typical work scenarios and practice making judgment calls on the best responses. Ultimately employees empower themselves to stop sexual harassment by recommiting to team respect.

Participants will:

    1. Know and understand that harassment is not tolerated and that sexual harassment is illegal.
    2. Recognize many different behaviors, words or actions that could be considered sexual harassment.
    3. Know what your role is in stopping sexual harassment.
    4. Recognize personal behaviors that may contribute to an atmosphere of disrespect on the team.
    5. (Optional)
      Establish team ground rules to (re)create an atmosphere of trust and respect.
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