Leadership: Leadership and Self-Deception

Leadership and Self-Deception

Most organizational and personal problems are the result of a little known problem called “self-deception”. Using the groundbreaking method of the Arbinger Institute this training leads you on a journey of self-discovery. Typical “people problems” such as conflict resolution, team building, trust and communication can be traced to the source: self-deception. The solutions offered in this training challenge us to fundamentally change the way we look at ourselves and our interactions with others so we can “get out of the box”. You will learn a simple solution that can lead to more than just improvement but virtual transformation of performance and ultimately, positive results in all your relationships.


    1. Learn that the solution to self-deception always begins with personal ownership.
    2. Define the concept of self-deception.
    3. Realize some of the devastating effects of self-deception, why it is so hard for people to see and how you yourself suffer from it.
    4. Discover that you contribute to the problems and complaints at work.
    5. Understand what “in the box” behavior is and discuss/practice strategies to liberate from these behaviors to move towards positive communication and creative problem solving.
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