Leadership: Leadership from the Inside Out

Leadership From the Inside Out

This two-day workshop will offer staff an opportunity to fine-tune their leadership skills and directly apply new or renewed skills to improve unit teamwork. Skills building training in the areas of assertive communication, conflict management, collaboration/mentoring, and critical thinking/problem solving will be the primary focus.

Training will be presented in a highly experiential way and include self-assessment, didactic lecture, videos and role-play skills building sessions. The workshop is designed to increase communication and teamwork among staff while solidifying the objectives and values that we hold as leaders.


    1. Discuss and participate in self-analysis activities based on Kevin Cashman’s seven pathways to leadership mastery.
    2. Improve daily organizational skills by reviewing time management tools and practicing effective delegation.
    3. Review the five-step method to resolving interpersonal conflicts.
    4. Design a plan to reinforce positive teamwork utilizing the seven pathways to leadership.
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