Team Building: Low Ropes

Team Adventure:
An Experience in Low Ropes

Team Adventure offers challenging experiential activities that promote the development of leadership skills, team building, conflict resolution, trust and communication. A low ropes course is a challenging mobile course of physical equipment used to challenge teams. By playing games and working together to solve complex problems, teams develop creative alternatives in decision-making, increase trust and build self-confidence and team confidence. Team Adventure workshops are designed to reach team members and organizations interested in strengthening the concept of fair play, team cohesion and obtaining peak performance of mental, physical and emotional abilities.


  1. Increase mutual support and trust within the team.
  2. Participate in team problem-solving initiatives that promote direct communication, decision-making, cohesiveness and conflict resolution skills.
  3. Increase self-confidence and team confidence by succeeding in taking healthy physical or emotional risks in a supportive environment.
  4. Discuss and debrief low ropes activities by drawing parallels to work related team dynamics.
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