Team Building: Playing to Win

Playing to Win

Teams win because they are constantly striving to improve three critical areas of their performance. First, all members share a common sense of what their vision and identity is and they demonstrate tangible evidence of this identity by their actions. Second, winning teams understand the importance of empowering every member by offering ongoing relevant information. And finally, teams recognize the importance of nurturing strong work relationships.

This training offers specific strategies to establish or reinforce the “playing to win” method of teamwork. In today’s dynamic workplace, teams win by individuals synergistically working together to create innovative solutions. Synergy is the result of team effort, not individual effort. When teams embrace this game plan everyone wins.


    1. Review the three critical elements of teamwork.
    2. Establish group-guiding principles to nurture healthy work relationships.
    3. Brainstorm creative methods to increase the flow of relevant information to all team members.
    4. Reconnect with the shared values, mission and vision of your team.
    5. Design a recognition plan to keep score of victories.
    6. Participate in team building activities that enhance synergy and team communication.
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