Clinical Topics:
Prevention Strategies For Community Health

Prevention Strategies For Community Health

Prevention is an active process of creating conditions and fostering personal attributes that promote the well-being and health of your community members. Utilizing the Public Health Model, this workshop will help participants to understand the process of building resilience within your community, while assessing behaviors that place them at risk.


    1. Discuss the Public Health Model of prevention strategies.
    2. Understand the role of protective factors, risk factors and resiliency.
    3. Define assets building as a process to build resiliency.
    4. Work on a current community prevention project to practice leading group discussion, brainstorming and education skills.
    5. Practice group leadership skills.
    6. Discuss cultural and values sensitivity as it relates to prevention in your community.
    7. Discuss two successful Native American prevention projects related to alcohol and diabetes.
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