Clinical Topics: Recognizing and Assessing Abuse

Recognizing and Assessing Abuse

Medical personnel are often the first to encounter victims of physical and severe emotional abuse. Whether it’s battered women, elder abuse or child abuse, it’s important to be able to identify and accurately assess a wide variety of abuse situations. This workshop will provide culturally sensitive information and a step-by- step approach to assessment, intervention strategies, follow up and legal responsibilities. Through the use of videos, slides, lecture and role plays, this subject is thoroughly covered and participants will be prepared to handle one of the most prevalent epidemics of our time: domestic physical abuse.


    1. Recognize the physical and emotional signals of battered women, child abuse and elder abuse.
    2. Know your legal responsibility to respond to a wide variety of abuse situations.
    3. Practice using several assessment tools that systematically evaluate the level of abuse.
    4. Discuss intervention strategies that respond to abuse situations that are available in your communities.
    5. Increase personal awareness about the pervasiveness of all forms of abuse in our homes, work-sites and communities.
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