Communication Skills: Verbal Self-Defense

Verbal Self-Defense

The “verbal art of self-defense” is about self-awareness, positive attitude and a willingness to personally change and look for win-win solutions in any conflictual situation. By practicing skillful assertive communication participants will learn to prevent conflicts and resolve problems before they get out of hand. When you have to deal with someone already at their worst, this training will help you develop coping and communication strategies for the “ten most unwanted communicators”: the tank, sniper, grenade, know-it-all, think-they-know-it-all, yes person, maybe person, nothing person, no person and the whiner. Participants will be challenged to identify their own button pushers, conflict management styles, “unwanted communication” behaviors and develop a plan to create win-win communication.


    1. Learn win-win communication by utilizing a two-step process.
    2. Assess your conflict management style and its impact on assertive communication.
    3. Identify the ten “most unwanted” communicators and develop effective strategies to cope with each.
    4. Write and practice delivering an assertive script to a “difficult person” in your life.
    5. Design a personal action plan to address communication and conflict management areas you wish to improve.
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