Change Management: Your Role as an Agent of Change

Your Role as an Agent of Change

Once we’ve “embraced the change” or new vision of the future, the next step is to be able to help others move towards this vision or change. This training teaches a specific communication technique called “the power of future conversation”. Once mastered, this technique helps us to direct communication successfully out of past realms into future possibilities. Team members are energized by this approach and often can truly generate new strategies to help with the change process. If you see yourself as an agent of change or you desire to influence groups of people to move into “future visions”, this training offers you the practical tools to accomplish your goal.


    1. Discuss driving and resisting forces to determine a plan of action for your desired change/goal.
    2. Become aware of speech acts that take place in the past/present/future.
    3. Practice being able to shift conversations out of the past, into the realms for the future and present.
    4. Discuss and practice using a myriad of techniques to redirect conversations to create positive breakthroughs in personal attitudes towards change.
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